So, what do we do?

Innovate. Build. Restore.

We use innovative solutions that combine the beauty of history with the efficiencies and comforts for the modern consumer to develop and build properties that restore the vibrancy in communities.

We take the time to realize the potential of a building and put together the pieces needed to deliver it.

We partner with private and public entities that align with this purpose and need an expert in development and restoration for projects that uplift and transform neighborhoods one building at a time.

Our combined skills of 100+ years cover everything from securing specialized tax credits, general contracting, development, masonry, construction management and historic restoration.

When you work with ARK you are tapping into visionaries who are committed to seeing communities restored through redeveloped real estate that connects the past with its future.

This is what we do.

Construction Management

Our experienced construction management service is a valuable component of any new construction or remodeling project.

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Masonry restoration and preservation is vital to the longevity of a building. We offer repointing, sealant replacement, epoxy injection and more.

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Carpentry is a skilled art that takes years of experience to develop and master. Finish carpentry in fine home building is truly a craft that can be spotted immediately upon entering a room.

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Residential & Commercial Remodels

Whether you plan on updating your entire home or building, or solely focus on improving specific areas, we have the necessary experience and training to make your dreams a reality.

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