They’re ones for the history books.

Take a look at some of the more interesting renovation projects completed through the Land Bank in local historic districts over the last two years.

625 Collins in the Old West End Historic District

When the yellow mess of a home was originally inspected, many were sure it would be demolished. It was vacant, with a collapsing foundation, peeling paint, six layers of old roofing, fire damage, and a kitchen straight out of a horror movie. But where others saw no hope, the Land Bank team saw a chance to prove once and for all that with a lot of money, elbow grease, and smarts, anything is possible.

With the capable help of construction manager, ARK Restoration & Construction, the Land Bank completed the six-figure renovation in 2020. The house was then marketed and sold for over $80/square foot, one of the highest comps in the Old West End in years!

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